Introduction to Canada Immigration

Canada, the world�s second largest country, is a land of immense opportunities. Canada needs young, dynamic and well-educated skilled workers. It is a knowledge-based economy, Seeking Skilled Workers / Professional immigrants, who can meet the demands of the rapidly changing technological economy.

Facts about Canada and Canadian Immigration:

Five times in this decade, Canada has been ranked number one by the United Nations Human Development Index as the best country in the world in which to live.

Canada has the world�s highest rate of post-secondary education enrollment, along with an excellent health care system.

Thanks to immigration, because Canada's Asian communities have been established for over 100 years.

Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival to Canada with permanent residence and work status.

In general, Canada has safe neighbourhoods, and it is considered to be much safer than many other countries.

The Canadian government accepts businesspersons and skilled workers from every part of the world.

Migrate to Canada has become one of the easiest comparing to other countries.


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