PBS Tier 5 Young Temporary Workers

The following information is related to the UK's new points based system, which has not been fully implemented yet. Information may be updated in the near future.

Tier 5 Visas

From November 27th  2008 the UK will introduce Tier 5 visas for temporary workers as part of the new points based system.

Young people excited to experience life in the UK and those wanting to work for short periods of time in the country will be able to apply for a Tier 5 visa. This program allows young people from certain countries with which the UK has agreements along with voluntary workers to live and work in the UK for a maximum of 2 years.

Youth Mobility Workers

This tier will cover current rules involving youth mobility workers who are people allowed to work in the UK for a temporary period of time.

If a person wishes to come to the UK under a Tier 5 visa they will require:

If an individual wishes to come to the UK under a Tier 5 visa they will need to be:

  • Citizenship of a participating country
  • British overseas citizen
  • British overseas territory citizen
  • British national (overseas)
They will also require  sponsorship by their government in the event they are not a British overseas citizen, British overseas territory citizen, or a British national (overseas).

As an employee in the UK under Tier 5 they will not be eligible to move out of this tier into another tier.

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30 years of age and have the sufficient funds needed to support themselves when they first arrive in the UK until they are able to find employment.

Persons not eligible to come to the UK under Tier 5 are those with dependent children or have previously been to the UK as a working holidaymaker.

When Tier 5 starts it will replace the following schemes:

  • au pair scheme
  • British Universities North America Club scheme
  • Gap year entrants
  • Japan Youth Exchange
  • Research assistants to Members of Parliament
  • Working Holiday Makers scheme
Those already in the UK under one of the above categories, transitional arrangements will be made. Details are not yet available.

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