Access to Globe Limited specializes in fast, dependable, quick turnaround visa services and dedicated to providing the best UK immigration advice. You are assured to have your application handled quickly, accurately and professionally. We work to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and your case is presented in a professional manner. With around 2 decades of experience in dealing immigration matters and 1000's of successful clients in personal & corporate immigration, we assure that you receive the best UK Immigration Advice.

As an immigration advisory service, we understand the complexities and frequently-changing immigration laws, so we provide the finest customized solutions on all Immigration and Nationality Law matters for both private and business clients. Applications are often refused based on anomaly in the filling of application form, failure of using the correct application form or lacking in appropriate supporting evidence for application which is very frequent these days. A fresh application may have to be submitted resulting in delays, stress and exorbitant applications fees to the applicant. We are authorised to provide advice by the OISC (The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) which regulates Immigration advisers and gives peace of mind and protection to our clients. We also have the right indemnity insurance to cover any client's loss or damage caused because of the advice or services provided by us.

Our Ethos / Philosophy / Mission

We strive to identify immigration solutions through our understanding of individual needs of our clients, ensuring that each applicant has access to top quality service, information and support. We completely understand it is matter of life and death for families hence we deal the matter with compassionate and empathy.

Flexibility and Efficiency

We recognised that each individual case is different and we are not contented with coming up with application of a standard solution. We are here to provide you with assistance specific to each immigration query. We offer ad hoc services to our clients, providing advice free of charge at initial appraisal stage and exceptional service to the highest standard of care. We are able to provide advice with different aspects of immigration processes and a comprehensive assessment of individual case and its viability.

Honesty and Integrity

Professionalism is the key to our working culture. We believe that the relationship with our clients should be built on foundation of honesty and integrity. We are dedicated and the confidentiality of our customers remains our top priority. We offer services at a fair, fixed and competitive fee which covers all consultancy service, processing as well as other administrative fee. Immigration fees are charged at a flat rate, although our service fees may be paid at instalment subject to agreement.

For extensive details of a breakdown of the whole application process specific to individual case, please contact us via email or call us and we will be happy to help you.

Hard Work & Effort

We strongly believe that immigration cases are approved and refused based on the level of effort put into a particular matter along with the right documents. We strive to win cases through dedicated commitment and resourceful use of energy. We treat all our cases individually and we can guarantee all the work we undertake on your case will be unique work prepared for your case.

Confidentiality & Discretion

It is understandable that clients are concerned about their personal information they provide to us. It is recognised that immigration applications often require sensitive data to be provided. We make it a promise that we will keep all data and information entrusted to us confidential and safe. We further promise to ensure that all representations that are submitted by us on your behalf are approved by you before submission.
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