UK Visas Processed Fast

As an applicant in the UK you may be required to wait months in the UK Border Agency Que before your application is reviewed. Another option is to apply yourself by making an appointment and this may take a month before being reviewed also. Nothing is more disappointing following your extensive efforts to being told by the UK Border Agency that your application requires further documentation. ATG removes these hassles and saves you the efforts and frustrations because ATG is OISC registered. This means we have availability with the home office and can submit your application within the same day. One of our registered advisors from ATG will submit your application to the UK Border Agency in Croydon in person with availability every few days.

Cases eligible for same day service:

Are you in the UK for 5 years continuously through a work permit approved program;

Are you in the UK for 5 years continuously under the UK Ancestry status;

Are you in the UK under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), and have continuously stayed a total of 5 years in categories leading to settlement.

Are you in the UK for at least 23 months continuously under the foreign spouse / partner category.

Are you in the UK for at least 10 years continuously legally.

If you wish to like to extend your stay under a student category and are willing to come with us for a Biometric then we can complete this for you from UK Border Agency.

If you wish to switch to the Post Study work category from a student or international graduate program in a days time then we can represent you to the UK Border for Same Day Visa Service. (Need to inform UKBA a week in advance).

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