Access To Globe Limited (ATG) is a London based Immigration Advisory Service provider that specialises in high quality immigration legal advice to employers, business people, high net worth individuals and private clients to establish themselves in the UK. ATG has worked in the specialised field of immigration law for at least 20 years now, during which time it has helped many people from all over the world to prepare their applications and represent the cases on their behalf to Home Office.

ATG thrives on the principle of accuracy which is a key to any immigration advice. ATG takes pride in the quality of advice it gives its clients and tailor make the processes to suit their circumstances and requirements. By providing exceptional service and advice, ATG can save its clients the hassles of getting refusals and paying heavy visa application fees again and again for errors which may not be obvious and are not accepted by the UK Visa & Immigration. ATG is committed to taking a hands-on approach with every client we represent.

ATG provides advice and representation in all areas of immigration permitted at Level 1 from applying for a visa to come to the UK, to obtaining British citizenship

ATG is fully authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to practice immigration law at Level 1.

ATG also offers 15 minutes free consultation to discuss your needs where in these instances your application can be processed with piece of mind.

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