Are Access To Globe regulated by the UK’s Immigration Regulatory Body?
Yes, we are registered to provide immigration advice and services. You will be benefiting from specialists in the immigration services. Individual Adviser and Organization searches may be conducted on the OISC website or by telephoning the OISC.

Are you a Law Firm or a Consultancy?

We are not lawyers but approved Immigration Consultants. There are significant differences between law firms and immigration consultancies. As Immigration Consultants at Access To Globe our work is 100% immigration based and our sole focus. We are not divided into various areas of law as you will most commonly find with law firms. We understand that any immigration consultancy that is unregulated, unlicensed, unaccountable or uneducated MUST be approached with extreme caution. At Access To Globe we are regulated, licensed, and accountable for all our actions and educated in the legal field.

I can prepare my own case, why do I need your services, it’s not exactly rocket science?

Remember, it is likely you will not be aware of every factor that may affect your case. One small mistake with your case could be fatal to your success. Trust the ATG for reliable representation, accurate information and exceptional service. We are licensed, governed, regulated and maintained by the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

I can’t find the right expert, I have had bad experiences, whom do I trust?

ATG strongly advises that you meet with multiple companies. That way you will get an understanding of what is needed. ATG encourages this because then and only then will you realize the exceptional service and expertise we offer in the immigration field

What is the best way to make initial contact with You?

Either through email located on our contact page or simply by calling us directly. Either method will put you in touch with an expert advisor nearest you.

Do You Guarantee Success? What Does ‘Guaranteed Success’ mean?
The only guarantees in life are Death and Taxes. Each case is unique and each circumstance is different. ATG will do everything it can to make sure you  are represented in the best way possible and present all types of ideas to make your application a successful one.

Many Experts claim to have a 100% or ‘near perfect’ success rate, should I believe this?
They base these on calculated marketing terms. They select the easiest cases that require the least amount of effort and skill. ATG takes on all types of cases permited at Level 1 and our results are determined by all levels of success.

The Leading, The Best, Number One, No-risk, Specialists... What does this really mean?
These are simply marketing gimmicks, and without careful due diligence like anything you the client in the end are what is most important. Shop around and research each firm and decide for yourself. If you are comfortable going with a company because they claim to be the best, but at ATG we encourage that our clients shop around and in the end we know they will be back, because unlike others we are more than just words.

I want to use your services but I know someone really cheap who can help me?

Money is an important factor but do not base your decision on this alone. Simply because someone is cheaper it does not mean they are qualified. This can also be said when it comes to paying the most doesn’t necessarily mean the best. In the end it is the responsibility of the client to look for what they feel most comfortable with.

What Are Your Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions can be found on the Terms and Conditions link.

Do You Have Client Testimonials/References?
Client testimonials and references are available on the main page and can be submitted simply by asking when speaking to an advisor. ATG is happy to share its success stories.

How long will it take for my case to be processed?
Each case is different. The time it takes depends on a number of factors, most importantly the number of applications the immigration post receives and the difficulty they have in confirming your information. Cases are processed in the order in which they are received. The average processing times are stated and updated by the immigration authorities, however the time could be much shorter or much longer.

Do you guarantee processing times?
Many factors are involved in processing times. Also the availability to process the applications as well can become a factor. ATG  will give you the estimated time we feel an application may take based on our experience but to guarantee a time is simply impossible and anyone who promises otherwise is not be completely truthful and forthcoming.

Does your assistance end when an application is submitted?

ATG prides itself on supporting our clients every step of the way.  ATG takes the necessary actions in following up where appropriate. ATG will be beside you every step of the way.

When are translations necessary?
Translations are necessary when your documents are not in English (and do not contain an English version of their contents) . While in the UK your documents may be translated by a certified expert or notary. For clients abroad, we recommend you have translations done by a certified translator or notary in your home country, as this will be cheaper than having us find a translator for you in the UK. However, if this is not possible, we can arrange to have your documents translated in the UK.

Must I be in the UK for you to help with my case?

ATG is capable and able to support our clients abroad through telephone and via email. No distance is too far.

I wish to enter into business in the UK, how can you help?

There are multiple routes to entering into business in the UK, each with its unique requirements that need to be met. ATG will advise on the different business routes and act as business advisors when needed and required, while also factoring in you and your staff’s immigration needs.

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