Introduction to Canada Immigration

Why should you approach us?

Our success rate for Canada immigration services is over 95%. You are free to represent yourself, but Citizenship and Immigration Canada's overall refusal rate is high. In 2006, for instance, a full 45% of worldwide applications for immigration to Canada in the skilled worker and business categories were refused. Canadian immigration regulations are complex, and the law gives visa officers much discretion. Your chances of succeeding are much higher if we work together on your immigration application. You will then have the personal attention of an authorized representative - allowed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to advise you, prepare applications, and represent you in dealings with the government after your request for a Canadian immigration visa is submitted.

Thinking about Canadian Immigrations today, you will have lot many questions that can arise in your mind

Will I qualify for immigration to Canada?

Which class should I apply under?

What conditions do I need to satisfy?

How long does it take to process my visa?

Our Mission is to resolve all such questions and help you take the right immigration plan.

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